Your business does not have to be complicated to succeed.

In this episode Greg shares how to simplify your business to generate more sales.

Gregory shares very important marketing tips for startups and small businesses.

Gregory speaks about why goal setting is important and steps you can take to set and attain goals in your business. 

The objective of many business founders is to create a business that can be sold for a profit in the future.  In this episode, Gregory speaks about approaches you can use to create a sellable business.

Pricing is overrated but still very important. Gregory shares pricing strategies that can increase your sales by 10% or more.

Gregory summarizes the psychological process customers go through when considering a purchase

In this episode, Gregory breaks down the powerful elements of a story and how to use stories to sell a product.

November 11, 2019

Going Viral On Social Media

The best marketing is free. I discuss ways in which you can make viral social media content.

What's the point of being busy, if it isn't increasing your income. I share strategies to get the most impact out of your workday.

I share some of the best advice I have received from my mentors during my years as an entrepreneur.

To avoid the pitfall of slow sales and unsuccessful product launches, you need to master the art of pre selling. This episode speaks of the steps you need to take to guarantee that your new product or business idea will have a successful launch. 

A lot of time can be wasted, pitching services to the wrong audience. Discover how to develop precision in your marketing efforts to find the ideal customers for your business. 

To successfully grow your business,  you need to be the business that people are looking for as opposed to being the one that is always searching for the next sale. In this episode, Gregory Turner speaks about steps that he took to become recognized as a trusted authority in his industry and how to use that trust to attract new customers.

To get your potential customer off the fence and committed to doing business with you; you need to speak their language and speak to the core of why they do what they do. This episode speaks to the steps you can take to accurately identify what factors drive their decisions. 

The most successful companies in the world have a few things that they do exceptionally well. One of those is mastering the art of building a loyal customer base.

The companies that acquire then keep customers long term will always do better than those who don't.

In our first episode of Supersize Your Business, we talk about how you can build a loyal customer base for your business. 

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